Holiday Homework

The six week holiday is nearly here and whilst we want you and your child to have a relaxing break please spend time, with your child practising their Reception learning to make sure they are ready for Year 1. Make it fun and practical and just for a short amount of time each day-little and often! We have sent home activities to help your child with their learning-a whole pack of ideas. If you need more ideas look back at previous blogs for activities. Below are even more ideas! If you have any questions about the activities please come in and ask.

Have a lovely summer and thank you for all your support!

Further Experiences

  1. Buy some pastry and let your child explore it. Can they make sausages? Can they make a sphere or other 3 D shapes? Cook the pastry afterwards and enjoy eating it!
  2. Make a fruit kebab by putting fruit on a kebab stick. Can your child make a repeating pattern e.g. strawberry, apple, strawberry, apple etc?
  3. Practise reading the Green words we have sent home.
  4. Each week get your child to choose their favourite activity that they have done and get them to draw a picture of it and write a sentence e.g. I went to the shop and got some sweets. Let them use their sounds to write the sentence.
  5. Set up a pretend shop at home and your child can choose items to sell. The prices of the items can match coin values e.g. 2pence. Can your child find the right coin to buy the item? Can they buy two items by adding the amounts together?
  6. Can your child make a model using junk materials e.g. bottle tops, small cardboard boxes? Can they make a car, a camera or a boat?
  7. Can your child find minibeasts when you go for a walk or go to the park e.g. ants, spiders, butterflies, bees? Which one did you find more of? Which one do you find less of?
  8. When your child is having a bath give them different sized containers that they can fill with water. Which hold more and which holds less? How do they know? Can they make the containers empty, full, nearly full, nearly empty or half full?
  9. In the park or the garden get your child to practise jumping, running, jogging, hopping, skipping and balancing on one foot!
  10. Let your child make toast and get them to spread their favourite toppings onto the bread.
  11. Play a board game with your child e.g. snakes and ladders or play pairs using cards.
  12. Research a Superhero! Can your child choose their favourite Superhero? Look it up on Google! Can they draw a picture of them? Can they write a sentence about their super power using their sounds to spell the words?


Preparing for Year One

The children have been looking at photographs of the year one staff and the year one areas this week. They are very excited to start in year one and have been talking about it.

“This is Mrs Martin, she’s my teacher. She is nice. She make me Aiyla and Zainab laugh.” Aamna

“This Mrs Bansal is my teacher. I made a superhero. It was so much fun.”

“This is my teacher her name is Miss Foot. She made a superhero then I made one. He was Hulk.”

Shape Dinosaurs and other things

This week in the creative area the children have been challenged to created pictures of dinosaurs and other things, like cars and cats, because using shapes. They have used 3D shapes and paint and not just used the faces but also the edges and corners to create feature such as eyes and spikes. They have cut and stuck 2D shapes to make dinosaurs too. What creative challenge did your child do? What can they tell you about the shapes they used?

Tyrannosaurus Drip

We are reading Tyrannosaurus Drip! We talked about the role of the author and the illustrator. Can your child tell you what they do? Where do you find the blurb on a book and what is its role? There are lots of rhyming words in the story, which we guessed when we were reading the story.

Can your child tell you what happens in the story? The story is about a dinosaur who grows up in a different dinosaur family type because the egg he has hatched out of rolls into a different nest. He does not feel settled with a different family because he does not eat the same food or look the same. What happens to him?