Sound pots

The children have been listening to different sounds in pots. They have been saying which pot is the loudest and which pot is the quietest. The children have been trying to guess what is in the pot that is making the noise. The choices are sand, pasta, flour or rice. They have been saying why they think it is a certain item e.g. it is pasta because pasta is hard and big and it is making a loud sound or it is flour because it is quiet.


Transient Art

Inside this week we have introduced the children to transient art. This is where the children are creative and make pictures using resources around them and using them in different ways. They have been given match sticks, glass nuggets, small various buttons and cotton wool and have been challenged to make a scene from under the sea. Did your child accept the challenge? If so what did they create? Can they talk to you about what they did?

Book of the week.

This week alongside our book The Rainbow Fish, we are looking at the book Commotion in the Ocean. This is to go alongside this half terms project of Under the Sea. The book looks at different sea creatures and teaches the children about them in the form of rhyme. Does your child have a favourite sea creature? If so, what is it? Can they tell you some facts about any sea creatures?

Word of the Week

This week the word of the week is into. The children are practising reading it and saying it in a sentence. These are words the children just have to learn and remember so please keep practising the other words of the week too.

The children all had some of our words of the week in their homework for them to cut up and help them learn at home.

3D shapes

This week we are learning the names of the 3 dimensional shapes. These shapes are fat not flat like the 2 dimensional ones. Can your child tell you any of the shape names?

The shapes are called sphere, cube, pyramid, cone, cuboid and cylinder. The children have been finding real life objects that are these shapes. What can you find in your home that is the same shape as a cuboid or a cube?

The children have been counting how many corners each shape has. How many corners does a cone have? Which shapes have no corners?

The children will be investigating the shapes to see if they slide or roll or do both down a ramp. Do you know why a shape slides? It is because of the flat faces on the shapes. How many flat faces does a cylinder have?

We will be learning the word edge and counting how many edges each shape has.

Go on a shape hunt with your child and see what you can find!

The Rainbow Fish

This week the children have been really enjoying hearing the story The a rainbow Fish.

They have thought about how all the characters felt and how their feelings changed throughout the story. They have talked about the starfish, blue fish and wise old octopus characters.

They children have also enjoyed thinking about sharing and what they like to share.

What can they remember from the story?

What did they like? Why?

What was their favourite character? Why?