This week the children have been learning about the Easter story and what Christians celebrate the occasion. We have looked at Jesus” journey to Jerusalem and what happened when he got there. We looked how Christians reflect and pray on Good Friday and how Easter Sunday is a day of celebration where Christians celebrate when Jesus rose again.

What can your child remember about the Easter story?


Easter Nests

As part of our Easter celebration work the children made a chocolate Easter nest! We talked about new life coming from an egg and that Easter is about celebrating this. They followed the instructions in the recipe carefully.

The children listened carefully to what they had to do and worked as a group. Can your child tell you what ingredients we needed?

The children thought about how we could melt the chocolate and then we mixed in the shredded wheat. They made a nest shape in the middle.

They shared out the mini eggs so that all the children in the group had the same number of eggs in their nests. Can your child tell you how many eggs were in their nest? What did it taste like?


This week the children have taken part in One Body One Life learning. They have learnt about the eat well plate, exercise and the levels of sugar in foods and drinks.

The children have enjoyed this learning and are able to talk about the different food groups and what our bodies get from those foods. They understand the importance of exercise and not eating too much salt, sugar or fat.

The families are invited to an assembly tomorrow, Thursday at 2.30pm to see what the children have been learning.


The children have been problem solving! They have been learning how to share an amount of objects or items with each other. The children were given a number of items to share between a small group fairly. They had to work out how to do this and explain what they did. At home you can practise sharing items with your child. How many colouring pencils will you each have? How many peas will you have each at dinner time? Have fun!

Superhero Minibeasts!

Linked to our story, Superworm. This week the children made superhero minibeasts of their own. They though about what parts of the minibeast they wanted and what superhero powers that gave them, as well as coming up with a name for their superhero minibeast.

The children loved making their minibeast and were really creative with their ideas.

Can your child remember their’s?


This week in maths, the children have been learning about distance focussing mainly on the vocabulary. We have used various objects to measure distance; rolling cars, marbles, balls and throwing bean bags. They have been able to tell us which has gone the furthest and which stayed the closest/nearest. The children have learned the vocabulary of near, nearer and nearest, far, further and furthest.